Frequently Asked Questions

Why Mountain Oak Cremation Services? Why Now?

Mountain Oak Cremation Services was formed in 2017 to serve
the growing demand for simple, affordable cremations.

We believe in traditional funerals and have served this segment
for over ninety years, now in the fourth generation of our family.
Yet, increasingly today, cost, expediency and changing cultural
norms require that we serve the immediate and lower-cost needs
of these families as well.

Families today are separated by distance and other factors which
require simple, affordable cremations as an option for the burial
of their loved ones. We are here to serve this need throughout
the state of Connecticut.

Why is Mountain Oak less expensive than traditional
funeral homes?

Mountain Oak has been established as a simple, easy-to- use and
very economical way for families to use cremation options today.
We have very low overhead, yet share access to established
facilities, including that of our parent company, for all our needs.
The very intention of the business is to afford families simpler
options, should they need them. We recognize that today,
families may not require full traditional funeral services,
visitations and other traditional services, for an increasing variety
of economic, religious, cultural and distance reasons. We make it
easy and affordable to do so.

Can my family choose to have a “wake”, a memorial or
graveside service, or a church service with cremation?

Absolutely. We encourage families to memorialize their loved
ones. Funerals today are personalized celebrations of the life of a
loved one who has passed. You can have them present – in a
traditional casket, church service or memorial before the
cremation takes place. Or have the cremains present in a
decorative urn setup especially for the memorial.
Our licensed, experience directors are here to answer all your
questions and help you memorialize your loved one in as many
different ways as you can request.

Can we decide to change to a traditional funeral service
after we’ve contacted you?

Absolutely. There is mandatory 48 hour waiting period in the
state of Connecticut before remains can be cremated. We have a
modern facility for preparation, visitation and all other traditional
services should you and your family decide on a more traditional
funeral for your loved one.

Can we add services or change the services you have in
the three base cremation packages?

Yes, of course. The packages have been created for your
convenience with simple cremation, cremation with memorial
service, and traditional burial of cremains options. A complete list
of services you can choose to tailor the services to your
preferences is included on our website and by request.

Do all cremations require a medical examiner to provide
permission to cremate?

All cremations require a medical examiner to sign-off on the
cremation prior to it taking place. We take care of all coordination
and permitting for these purposes. The state of Connecticut
charges a modest $150 fee for this permission.

Can you arrange for transport to another city or country
for burial?

The short answer is, absolutely. We have been assisting families
in transporting their loved ones back to cities throughout
America, South and Central America, the Caribbean and Europe
through our traditional business for over ninety years. We will
work with you every step of the way to coordinate with
consulates, the airlines and in obtaining all permits and
permissions in advance of transport. We will provide you a
written summary of these costs in advance to see that all your
wishes are taken care of.

Does Mountain Oak own its own crematory?

Mountain Oak Cremation Services maintains long-standing
relationships with several crematories in Connecticut and
Westchester County, nearby to the families we serve.
Many of these facilities exist to serve our industry and offer
service providers such as Mountain Oak exclusive courtesies in
faster, preferred turnaround times and lower costs. This allows us
to keep our costs low and pass these savings on to the families
we serve, without our having to worry about having to operate a
profitable crematory.

All our cremations are transported to and from these nearby
facilities in our own vehicles, by licensed staff of our business.

Can you assist us with legal issues we may need
assistance with?

When a loved one passes, there often are many determinations
that need to be made regarding their estate or the distribution of
their assets left behind. You are strongly encouraged to seek the
counsel of an estate attorney or family law specialist who can
assist you and your family with all of these issues.

Mountain Oak directors can provide you with referrals that can
assist you in these matters. Additionally, you can find some
information on wills, the probate process, handling bank
accounts, death certificates and other legal issues by visiting our
website at .

Can you provide us with additional copies of death
certificates as we need them?

Yes. We will file to get the initial certified copy of a deceased’s
death certificate in the town or city of their residence. Additional
copies for bank, insurance and other needs can be obtained for a
nominal charge simply on request.

Do you help in placing obituary notices?

Yes. We will assist you in creating an obituary notice or write it
for you and submit it to you for review prior to placement in any
number of local papers throughout Connecticut.

Is the arrangements process easy with Mountain Oak?

Absolutely. We have making arrangements and providing
complete cremation services for over ninety year.

A simple call to our toll-free number 203-595-5835 or 833-MNTN-OAK and we will answer all your questions, and take care of
everything. We can even meet at your home or nearby location to
sign-off on and finalize all your requests.

If you or a family member has any other questions that were not
included in this list of frequently asked questions, please do not
hesitate to ask. You can call us toll-free number at 203-595-5835 or 833-MNTN-OAK, or email them to We will follow-up